About The Artist

Miniature historic and beloved buildings, designed and hand painted by L. A. Fox.

Many years ago, I enrolled in a series of German Folk Art painting classes and I was hooked!  Some years later I was asked if I might be able to design one of the historic buildings in Gettysburg, PA.  My answer “I’ll give it a try.”  That “try” resulted in a new career.  At that time, I lived near Gettysburg and I had fallen in love with its history and the historic buildings that “witnessed” or played a role as history was being made….

As the need to design evolved; I experimented with various brush strokes, paints and mediums to develop my own techniques for creating  bricks, stones, flowers, trees etc.

I have been designing, painting and creating my miniature buildings for over 25 years.  My collection has grown over the years and continues to grow as yet another beautiful old building catches my eye!

I love painting these historic structures.  Each and every one has its own story to tell. My story is of a profession that resulted by chance but combines my passion for old buildings and working with my hands. Each of the buildings in my collection is an original; designed and entirely hand painted by myself.  Each miniature includes a brief history (if research yielded information) and is numbered and signed on the back.

Artisan: A person who makes a high quality, distinctive product in small quantities.

Folk Art: This form of expression is often created by self-taught artists who are not concerned with classical theories of dimension, proportion, or technique; its purpose, generally speaking, is to tell a story…