Welcome to L. A. Fox – Houses & History;  a very unique, high quality, specialty store.  I design and paint every building in my collection.  Each minute detail is painstakingly applied using fine brushes and paints to replicate the buildings, homes and churches that hold a place in our hearts.  Once you hold one in your hand, you’ll immediately appreciate the skill and craftsmanship of my products.

 Mine is a home based business.  My husband cuts each building from hardwood using the template I provide. The cutout is the true outline of the building, not a “block”, as are many of the miniatures which are silk screened and mass produced.  The cutout is then fine sanded and sealed and ready to be painted.  From the initial coat of sealant to the final coat of varnish, each action is performed by my hand.  There are many “layers” to my work.  Each layer slowly transforms a cutout of wood into a finely detailed, almost three dimensional, replication of the building it represents.  My miniatures are painted, not only on the front, but on the sides as well.

Should you place an order; your item will be well packaged, protected and most items arrive in a gift box.

Be sure to check out my “Custom” page for details on how you can have your home (church, barn, etc.) replicated in miniature.  Remember; every house has a history; especially yours!   I would be honored to put my 25 years of experience into creating a special keepsake for you.  I supply a binding estimate for all custom orders.

Thanks for visiting my site and I’ll look forward to hearing from you.